We provide competence and a Unique and High Added Value Know-How, combined with Execution and implementation of decisions. Top Professionals by “Doing”.

CEOs, Managers, CFOs, Executives with multi-year experience.
IIMC Italy is a prestigious professional company for Top Management which was born from the executives and managers’ fusion with over ten years of experience as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Executives, in order to solve the daily business challenges through practical and tangible solutions.
Partners’ practice and their field experience together with international networks allow to take advantage of a unique and valid know-how, as well as an essential support for the development and business success.


Challenges encourage us to confront new realities, face new problems and focus on new, varied and interesting professional projects. So, they do not scare us!
IIMC Italy activity is characterized by the perfect balance of different basic principles, among which stand out:

  • Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Mutual Confidence
  • Independence: we maintain our independence towards partners/customers and third parties as professionals, especially in case of making decisions for their exclusive benefit, as well as for suppliers or other customer’s partners.
  • Objectivity: our professional takes account of all variables and risks.
  • Competence:we offer professional services in different areas of activity, thanks to knowledge and experience gained over the years.
  • Confidence: all information acquired within our professional services is and will be treated as strictly confidential and it will never be disclosed to third parties in any way and form.

Do you want to meet us?

We invite you to set up a first cognitive interview, during which we will listen carefully to you in order to grasp the key points of your strategies and business targets, so to identify sustainable solutions over time and concretely feasible with a very high added value together with a shared process.