Company Crisis

Since 2008 we have witnessed a different and peculiar crisis phenomenon from the previous ones to which companies, especially SMEs, were not ready to face: a multi-year crisis that combines the traditional economic factor with the financial and credit variable, intensified by the sovereign debt crisis. Considered in the broadest sense of the term, Innovation and Technology have greatly reduced or nullified the competitive advantages of yesteryear. Even though they are still present, competitive advantages will disappear soon in case of immobility of company owners.

For this reason it is necessary to prevent the company crisis through proactive and flexible strategies like restructuring, thinking of the crisis and its change as an opportunity to create a financial independence, a balanced and healthy business in the medium and long term. A company based on its core business, creating strong partnerships on non-core activities and on healthy international diversification.

Thanks to its partners’ experience and its international network, IIMC Italy has created different approaches according to the company stages:

  • Healthy companies, economically and financially (preventive measure)
  • Healthy companies financially with some economic problems
    (antechamber of a crisis)
  • Healthy companies with both economic and financial problems (crisis at the beginning but already in place)
  • Companies in crisis, when all three variables present problems.

Company check up is performed with advanced diagnostic tools: it allows to identify the company’s state of health and set up a recovery and/or maintenance plan for competitive advantages in the medium and long term.

Actually there is often a lack of time for an in-depth and detailed analysis of the processes, the consequent planning, management and control of sustainable results. Relying on our experience and know-how, you will receive a personalized professional service in order to achieve your targets in a sustainable way in the medium and long term. Moreover, it will allow you to reach:

  • Creation of Business Plan to be updated periodically; it will be your business dashboard’s extension according to the formula “plan, act, verify, improve corrective actions, plan again”;
  • Identification and periodic updating of new Business Plan Strategies;
  • Updating and restructuring of business processes based on efficiency and productivity measures, to reach a sustainable economic, financial and asset balance in the medium and long term;
  • Non-core activities optimization based on the creation of win-win Partnership;
  • Geographical diversification and internationalisation.

It is necessary to include an experienced Transition Top Manager in the family business organization in order to manage the generational transition and succeed, planning an operational program based on a lean process, innovation and sustainability in the medium and long term.