Corporate Management & Control

Cost optimization

Lean-digitized process improvement

The main target of Professional Services activities is to support the company’s leadership and management in the implementation of Processes and Management and Control Systems, which enable the company’s performance to be monitored regularly and promptly, in order to facilitate and guide the decision-making process; all of which is to build a Balanced Scorecard and/or Corporate Dashboard, which emphasizes the Key Performance Indicators both quantitative and qualitative. Next step is to identify areas to be improved with the aim of optimizing costs, as well as those non-cores, through the analysis of Lean-Digitized processes.

Specifically, the leading services offered are the following:

  • Analysis of business processes, particularly in regard to the information systems and technologies used, in accordance with BPR (business process reengineering or re-design of business processes) and Lean techniques; identification of critical issues and implementable improvement solutions
  • Implementation and support of innovative management systems (ERP)
  • Identification of business and personal performance indicators, aimed at the introduction of measuring, evaluation and potentially remuneration mechanisms, within the "Balanced Scorecard" logic
  • Implementation of "Business Intelligence" systems.

IMC supports Property and Management to identify problems which prevent an organization from being efficient by highlighting its limits and weaknesses in the methods, processes and tools used, in order to detect and suggest winning solutions for a direct and sustainable turnaround.