Family business represents between 80% and 95% of the advanced industrial economies.
It is a commonplace to say that "the first generation creates, the second continues and the third destroys", but the most updated analyses on the generational turnover in Italy state that the risks to business continuity are real and only about 1/3 of companies survive the changeover from the first to the second generation, starting a new growing phase.
Family business turnover is a complex process and its management requires marked qualities of leadership and delegation.

EU statistics estimate that 30% of family businesses will not overcome the succession process; according to the Italian state, it will cause 20,000 businesses shut-down every year and 65,000 jobs could be at risk as a result.

It is therefore necessary to better manage family turnover taking account of assets, harmony and meritocracy, drawing up a business plan based on operational excellence, Lean process, innovation and sustainability in the medium and long term.

It takes a long time to choose the right successor and it is necessary to analyze all management factors of a company. IIMC Italy delivers a top professional support including:

  • Transition Top Manager for SMEs to make the family turnover successful
  • Management Analysis and resolution of any family conflicts
  • Action Planning on the Family Constitution
  • Implementation of the family successor appointment strategy
  • Research and identification of potential family successors
  • Support, professional training and coaching
  • Founder exit plan
  • Supervision, execution and control following the successor appointment
  • Exit Strategy as possible solution.