Our Top Professional Services Guidelines follow a typical approach of “Specialists” and it is therefore customized and tailored through: 1) Check Up and Visit: to interpret trends and company symptoms; 2) Diagnosis through a report and/or presentation: to define the business areas to be improved and where action is needed; 3) Requirement: identification of short, medium and long term actions, which must be undertaken giving details about benefits of their implementation and that shall be integrated in an Industrial Plan; effects detection concerning non-action/non-implementation; 4) Action: we provide high-thickness professionals for the implementation of Requirements; 5) Analysis of Deviations: we examine with you the results and the related deviations, bringing the improvement, follow-up and corrective actions.

IIMC Italy offers effective, efficient and Customized Solutions, with an excellent investment and benefit ratio, easily implementable for all business areas. Our Partners provide assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, holdings and professionals from the most various sectors, since they have worked for over 10 years in Top executives and/or Executives positions, combined with the international organization experience, which has been operating for years in the Top Professional Services sector for Management. All with a specific focus on the Transition Top Manager and in particular the Specialist one for SMEs, restructuring, reorganization, turnaround also sectoral, international expansion, cost optimization, technological development, in a continuous improvement vision and win-win that allow you to achieve excellent, measurable and lasting results with our Partners/customers’ satisfaction.

Top Professional Services for Management are developed through the following main lines: