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Our Vision is to be the top professional “arm” for companies in order to develop an optimal and sustainable Financial, Economic and Asset Balance over time.
Our Mission is to “get our hands dirty” with the company, making available our professional skills, Best Practice, continuous commitment and tireless passion so as to allow customers to take that extra step towards Financial, Economic and Asset Success.
These are Top professional skills gained working side by side as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Executives within successful companies like yours.


Innovative Integral Management Consultancy Italy is an organization whose main purpose is to provide Professional Services for Top Management in every aspect, focusing on problem solving and implementing solutions.

Partners’ technical and professional qualities, their professional experience and international professional networks are focused on the Top Management and ensure quick problem understanding together with practical and tangible solutions. Measurable results are combined with the best customer satisfaction.

Our customers’ confidence comes from a successful partnership in a Win-Win approach and meticulous listening to their needs and problems.

“Creating value” for our customers is the main target to be pursued daily through experience, knowledge, technology and continuous innovation of our Top Professional Services.

Our Partners have gained more than 10 years of direct Business Experience as CEO, CFO and/or Executive.

consulenza direzionale
consulenza direzionale