IIMC intends to provide an operating landmark for companies that want to change their business model, due to business crisis for the development of new ideas and recovery activity.
IIMC offers itself as an ideal partner for internal skills and structured partnerships to support companies with the aim of an organisational, economic and financial renewal, playing the CRO role (Chief Restructuring Officer).
Typical support activities of IIMC are:

  • Working capital actions;
  • Costs optimization: direct, general and discretionary costs;
  • Measures and critical decisions on business processes;
  • Fundraising for restructuring of companies in crisis and training;
  • Support during insolvency procedures;
  • Plans related to Bankruptcy Law devices: Art. 67 (3) (d)/Art. 182;
  • Support for social shock absorbers application;
  • Outplacement procedure.