Companies that are experiencing an extraordinary situation (restructuring plans, generational switchovers, listing on regulated markets, coverage phases of sudden and temporary managerial gaps or simply strong growth) need specialized support, perhaps with fixed term or only a part time formula.

IIMC Italy with its Partners can provide you with a selection of excellent Transition Top Managers, at short notice, including foreign ones: from Chiefs Executive Officer (CEOs), Chiefs Operation Officer (COOs), Chiefs Finance Officer (CFOs) to Executives.


In general, companies choose Transition Top Managers both to fill roles that are of a Temporary Nature and to ensure the coverage of Critical Roles for which you are not able to find a permanent manager fast enough. The Transition Top Managers are distinguished from consultants by their Active and Operational Participation in the management of the company.

The companies involved quickly become aware of the added value represented by Transition Top Managers:

  • They can start the activity within a few days with reduced formalities at the beginning and end of the contract
  • They may be in a position to accept performance-related remuneration
  • They are usually overqualified for the assigned role and have extensive experience useful for solving business problems
  • They perform their tasks professionally and quickly
  • They are able to transfer professional skills, contacts and experience to your organization which can take advantage of them even after they leave
  • They are sensitive to your corporate culture but are not involved in internal politics
  • They can be assigned critical tasks on which to focus completely
  • They enable the number of permanent staff to be kept as low as possible
  • They are extremely profitable and bring tangible results