9 GREAT REASONS THAT MAKE EXELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR SME, CEO, GENERAL MANAGER, CFO AND EXECUTIVE OF LARGE CORPORATION When a company is undergoing strategic change (restructuring plans, generational turnover, listing, management replacement) or simply when it’s growing rapidly, professional support in covering specific roles is often required, sometime just on a temporary or part-time basis. Fractional & Transition Top Management provides high flexibility and guarantees the employment of the most specific top professional skills for well-defined need, in a limited time span, without conditioning long-term corporate policies. Fractional & Transition Top Management allows constant monitoring of results versus the desired targets too. Company choose Fractional & Transition Top Manager for:
  1. Investment-effectiveness: Creating a dynamic mix of permanent Managers and highly skilled Top Fractional/Transition/Interim Professionals allows businesses the ability to increase or decrease manager numbers based on current demands, giving you more control over management costs – and morale. You can rapidly staff up or down in response to customer demand, special project, M&A and so on, while at the same time lightening the load for Managers who are stretched too thinly.
  2. Quick to get started: A key benefit of Fractional and Transition Top Professionals is the hiring process and their ability to hit the ground running. Instead of taking weeks and months, companies can bring in Fractional and Transition Top Professionals quickly, getting them up to speed within days. As a result, businesses can see an impact almost immediately from their work.
  3. Flexibility: As businesses vie for a competitive advantage, they need to be able to respond quickly and strategically. Top Fractional and Transition Top Professionals offer flexibility for businesses as they bring in the right top skills at the right time and for as long as needed.
  4. Allows more project-based work: The fact that Fractional and Transition Top Professionals give bosses the ability to access skills that aren't available in-house opens up the door to more project-based work. Specific and high professional skills can be brought in to deliver specific projects that otherwise may have been put on hold.
  5. A fresh perspective: Fractional and Transition Top Professionals keep up-to-date on current best practice standards and are able to apply what they have learned from previous projects they have been working on. The views and decisions of permanent manager can be influenced by internal factors while Fractional and Transition Top Professionals can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas that brings to innovation and higher productivity for the entire organization.
Fractional & Transition Top Manager are Top Execution Manager and take part to the Business from inside, like a permanent one. Fractional & Transition Top Manager advantages in summary:
  1. They can start the assignment in a few days without no value added bureaucracy
  2. They accept variable compensation link to result
  3. They are usually overqualified for the assigned role and bring a large amount of experience in problem solving to your organization
  4. They execute in a professional and rapid way
  5. They transfer to the company organization professional skills, experience, contacts, with long term benefits
  6. They respect and follow your Company Culture
  7. They are focus on critical assignment
  8. They do more with less, without increasing investment and hiring new permanent
  9. Their payback is really high bringing tangible result
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